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Jabiru Workshop

Client Gundjeihmi

Jabiru Workshops: Artwork by Corban Mudjandi 2010 sketch

Corban Mudjandi 2010 sketch

Workshops Dates:
Aug 12 – Sept 4 2010
Oct 4 – 29 2010
April 27 – May 6 2011

Kakadu Youth Centre
Jabiru Area School
Jabiru, Northern Territory

Role: Animation Trainer and animator in Flash and iStopMotion.

Working with children Jabiru Area School children at the Kakadu Youth Centre
Using Flash and Bamboo digital drawing tablets.

Workshops involve instruction in small groups. The animation workshops teach the participants both software technique and animation technique.

Workshops have included facilitated experimentation and play with animation on the computers during the after school Youth Centre time.

We also used under camera animation techniques such as claymation and cutout animation during the October workshop.

A selection of animations have been completed by students, namely “Purple Bear”, a Flash animation created specifically for a song written and performed by the students during the workshops.

Currently in production, “Healthy Food Song”   See news post on the recent Jabiru workshop