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Worr’wurr ga Nyiknyik

“Worr’wurr ga Nyiknyik”, an animation by Nyalung Wunungmurra.

Written, illustrated, narrated and directed by Nyalung Wunungmurra

Animated by Kirrily Schell (inkwinks)

Produced as a part of the Mulka Project and Community Prophets Media Training initiative.

The animation was created as a part of my work in Yirrkala doing animation training at Buku-Larrggnay, the Mulka Room (though we actually made this in the Print Studio at Buku-Larrggnay).

See short excerpt linked here: Worr’ wurr ga Nyiknyik

See full length linked here on the inkwinks animation page


Thanks to Nyalung, James, Djalinda, Will, Randin, Banduk, Andrew, Dianne, Araluen, Watjumi, Randjupi, Wukun, Feiora, David, Will, Bonnie, Rachel, Anna, and everybody at Buku-Larrggnay and Community Prophets for this opportunity.

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As a part of my work in Yirrkala doing animation training at Buku-Larrggnay I also worked with James Marika. See the great animation he made:  Wandjuk and the Pilot (true story by Wandjuk Marika)

Worr’wurr ga Nyiknyik animation is based on illustrated book by Nyalung Wunungmurra, produced at the Literacy Production Centre Yirrkala.

Language: Yolŋu Matha

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