Back from Jabiru


Jabiru Moth April 2011

I’ve been back from Jabiru a week now, and partially my mind is still there. Longing for the warm weather I suspect.

One of the projects I worked on with the kids whilst there was an animated film clip. This was for a song they wrote and recorded themselves called “Healthy Food Song”. It is a fantastic, I love it and can’t wait until it is completed. I spent time with my animation buddies Karen and Ina (from Jabiru Area School), helping them to work in Flash to create animations for each part of the song.


Karen animating a Nurrudu (emu) on one of the Kakadu Youth Centre iMacs


Thumbnail Background tests

Here are some thumbnails of the shots, we went through and worked out which ones worked best with each animation. It might change a little though, as I am going to see what some ‘camera moves’ look like (in AE).


Some photos from a flight we did Thursday before last, over Kakadu National Park. It was beautiful.


More to write on the trip, but I’ll post again later.



Gundjeihmi Aboriginal Corporation

Community Prophets

New inkwinks website


couch potato

News is I have a new website. The old one is gone forever, but here is a glimpse of it.

past inkwinks
Original inkwinks interface back ground


I’m working on several things at the moment, and the exciting news is I’m off to Jabiru on Sunday to work with some local kids on animation. Last year I did two trips to Jabiru to run workshops and discovered that there are some pretty enthusiastic young animators up there. Here are some characters drawn by an aspiring young animator in a warm up drawing exercise during one of the workshops at Kakadu Youth Centre.


Corban Mudjandi 2010 sketch


I’m also working to finish off an animation project started in Yirrkala early last year. I’ve not had any time to work on it for quite sometime, but I am still enthusiastic as it will be a beautiful animation when completed (before the GARMA festival!) The following stills are from the three animations I worked on whilst there for January 2010. Nyapanyapa’s is the one in progress.

Top: Barayuwa, mid: Nyapanyapa and bottom: Watjumi

Yirrkala pre-production animations

Yirrkala workings 2010

Lastly, late at night, I am working on an animation that I created in 2006/7.  I’ve never really felt happy with it so I am working on it to see if I can realise it to its full potential. Here is a working still:

Work in progress:::Marks:::